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Learn to fly with us!

Tri-State Aero offers the finest flight training available with federally licensed flight instructors, well maintained aircraft, quality ground facilities and instructional materials, and a professional support staff focused on helping you become a first rate pilot!

Our flight school meets or exceeds all of the requirements established by the FAA to become a licensed Private Pilot. The flight training and ground school follow a comprehensively structured format where you receive the maximum amount of flight and ground instruction in a minimum amount of time.

The Private Pilot Course is divided into three primary phases: 1) Solo; 2) Solo Cross-Country; and 3) Preparation for the Private Pilot Written, Oral, and Final Flight Examinations. Each segment is designed to build upon the previous phase until the pilot’s finished skills reflect a comprehensive blue print form.

The average time to complete the Private Pilot course is five months, assuming two one-hour flight lessons per week. However, you may choose to fly more or less often, and thereby adjust your rate of advancement. For your convenience, full-time instructors are available beginning at 8:00 am seven days a week!

If any special needs arise during your training, the staff and administrators will assist you in any way necessary to make your learning experience both a productive and enjoyable one

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