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Charter Service

We exist to provide the most efficient business service to the tri-state area. Customers travel on their own schedule, many times avoiding costly delays and inconveniences of commercial airlines. The business traveler can utilize the cabin of the aircraft as a mobile office, conducting business during the flight with ultimate convenience and confidentiality.

Charter Benefits

Charter aircraft travel has you taxing to the runway minutes after arrival without the need for extensive security checks or baggage check-in and retrieval. Your time and security are assured as you travel with your co-workers.

Charter Cost

Business people often see cost as a barrier to charter air travel. Depending on the number of travelers and the destination, charter travel can be comparable to commercial travel with many conveniences seen as additional perks. Additionally, charters may eliminate wasted hours and days of travel, hotel costs, meals and other related travel expenses. When all these considerations are factored in, charter travel becomes quite competitive.

Meet our fleet

Cirrus SR22

Capacity: 3 PAX.                Pressurized: No

Speed:    195 MPH            Range:    821 Nautical

Toilet:       No

Cessna 310R

Capacity: 5 PAX. With 1 pilot    Pressurized: No

Speed:    195 MPH                   Range: 800 Nautical

Toilet:      No

King Air C90B

Capacity: 7 PAX. With 1 Pilot    Pressurized: Yes

Speed:  264 MPH                 Range: 1,050 Nautical

Toilet:     Yes

King Air 350

Capacity:  9 PAX. with 2 Pilots  Pressurized: Yes

Speed:  315 MPH     Range:  1,100 Nautical

Toilet:  Yes

Beechjet 400A

Capacity: 8 PAX.     Pressurized: Yes

Speed:  505 MPH    Range:   1,300 Nautical

Toilet:  Yes

Contact a customer service representative at 812-426-1221 or by email for more information or to schedule your flight.